About us

Coils Australia supplies a complete range of fin and tube heat exchanger coils for air conditioning and process applications both locally and internationally.

By combining over three decades of manufacturing experience with local experience in air handling units, heat exchangers, and commercial air conditioning units, you can be confident in both our technical and manufacturing experience.

Our factories

Our factories have been in operation since 1982, and utilise state of the art production machinery. All heat exchangers are manufactured to strict ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Following stringent quality checks each heat exchanger is placed in individually designed wooden export quality packaging and delivered to your factory door.

Our facilities can supply a comprehensive range of heat exchangers in response to customer specifications.

Our range of heat exchangers includes

- Chilled Water Coils
- Hot Water Coils
- Direct Expansion (Evaporator) Coils
- Condenser Coils
- Steam Coils
- Chilled Beam Coils
- Active Beam Coils

We can accommodate the one-off heat exchanger user, up to the largest air conditioning manufacturer. Our year round constant manufacturing lead-time allows our customers to rely on us to supply the correct heat exchanger, on time, every time.
A team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals provide technical support to our customers; handling enquiries by phone, fax or e-mail. Coils Australia is committed to a philosophy of ensuring customer satisfaction. By manufacturing all products to individual client specifications, we ensure all customers receive individual attention to their requirements.
All heat exchanger selections are optimised using a specialist ARI- certified (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute – USA) software package. This ensures our customers receive optimum performance for size characteristics, helping to deliver cost effective solutions. With over twelve distinct profiles, our heat exchangers can either be uniquely designed to maximize performance at minimal cost or designed as a direct replacement unit without affecting existing client designs.


- Air Handling Units (both pre-fabricated and built-up)
- Fan Coil Units
- Air-Cooled Chillers
- Heat Recovery Systems
- Constant/VAV Terminal Units
- Air-Cooled Condensers
- Duct-mounted heating & cooling systems