Corrosion protection


To extend the life of our heat exchangers, protective coatings are applied to all our products. These coatings protect the coil from corrosion and fouling build-up. Such degradation may reduce performance and significantly shorten the service life.

Standard Finish

Standard Finish is a clear, water-based, gloss coating that remains flexible throughout its life. Whilst having minimal effect on heat transfer, it prolongs the life of the heat exchanger in mild working environments. It is ideal for offices and high humidity environments.

Epoxy Cote

Epoxy Cote is an optional coating, applied as a substitute for Standard Finish. This coating significantly improves heat exchanger durability within harsh environments. Epoxy Cote is a high performance two part epoxy-based finish. Epoxy Cote is applied to the entire coil and baked to provide the highest possible degree of protection, while having a minimal effect on heat transfer. Epoxy Cote can resist abrasion and harsh weathering to significantly improve the service life. When combined with the Blue Fin coating this provides the highest level of protection available for aluminium finned coils.