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Coils Australia offers a range of extended surface heat exchange coils to suit all types of applications. With over twelve distinct coil profiles ranging in tube sizes from 5.0mm through to 16mm, coils can be either be uniquely designed to maximize performance at minimal cost or designed as a direct replacement unit without affecting existing client designs.


Chilled Water and Hot Water Coils
Direct Expansion and Condenser Coils
Steam Coils
Automotive Coils
Fluid Cooler Coils
Compressed Air Coolers
Heat Recovery Coils
Booster Coils
Each coil is covered by a twelve month warranty against faulty workmanship or defect. All coils are optimised using a specialist ARI-certified (Airconditioning & Refrigeration Institute – USA) software package.

With a complete range of water and fluid heat exchangers, our range is capable of utilising water, glycol solutions, ground water, and other fluids. Standard chilled water cooling and hot water heating coils may be manufactured to our own, or exact client specifications. Heat exchanger designs are available that are identical to popular local brands, providing for a simple ‘direct swap’ solution.

Booster coils built with either flanged or slip-and-drive casings are available. These coils are commonly duct-mounted or used within VAV units for low-capacity reheat applications. Booster coils are constructed without headers, in either one or two circuit configurations.

Fluid coolers for oil, after cooling, and special purpose cooling can be designed to your exact project requirements. Blast coolers, are a fast and efficient way of rejecting heat from process fluids before further cooling. Heat recovery (run-around) coils are an effective way to reclaim waste or process heat that would otherwise be lost, providing valuable operating cost savings.